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Furniture Assembly and disassembly

Furniture Assembly and disassembly

&Nbsp;   1. furniture repair: loose reinforcement, dings and scratches, paint repair, repair door renovation changed the locks, replaced sliding roller Rails, hinges and other hardware, furniture disassembly and screen ...
&Nbsp;   2. maintenance of office furniture: Office Chair Office screen repair Desk Office sofa ...
&Nbsp;   3. other services: short-distance transportation of furniture, furniture disassembly-Assembly handling, wall repair, grounds maintenance, wall repair PuTTY, painted, wall crack repair, partition ...
&Nbsp;   4. Office furniture, furniture, maintenance, removal, disassembly, Assembly, partitions, screens (made), recycled office furniture.
&Nbsp;   furniture repair, Assembly, disassembly, screen sever, furniture disassembly and assembly
&Nbsp;   disassembly and Assembly, build, lease and repair. Maintenance of office swivel chairs, Office table repairs, disassembly screens, partitions, sofas and other furniture
&Nbsp;   (1) rapid door-to-door, professional maintenance of office swivel chairs, Office table, screen armchairs, sofas and other furniture.
&Nbsp;   (2) to undertake the relocation of office furniture installation, mobile location.
&Nbsp;   (3) special specifications, special purpose Office Chair.
&Nbsp;   (4) based on past experience, production and low prices, selling all kinds of durable office furniture. Regular maintenance and the timely elimination of office furniture-quality and safety problems, make your Office furniture for the longest period of use.
&Nbsp;   (5) home maintenance and disassembly of furniture;
&Nbsp;   (6) Office furniture repair and disassembly;
&Nbsp;   (7) replacement of various Office furniture accessories including Office chairs, desks, screens and a variety of lock Cabinet drum wheels, and so on. For furniture use connectors in the process loose hinge replacement door hardware for furniture Assembly lock for
&Nbsp;   (8) maintenance of Office chairs (wheel, pneumatic pumps, handrails, five toes, feet, writing pad, repair and replacement services)
&Nbsp;   (9) Desk maintenance (locks, drawers, drawer slides, keyboard rack, handle, host, and plate crack patch)
&Nbsp;   (10) Office sofa (sofa or leather sofa cleaning, maintenance)
&Nbsp;   (11), wooden, steel file cabinets (locks, drawers, drawer slides, keyboard shelves, handles, hinges, host, and deformation of frame adjustable)
&Nbsp;   (12) Office screens (screen accessories, screen connector, screen cover, screen corner)
&Nbsp;   (13), shift, painting class desk (locks, drawers, drawer slides, keyboard rack, handle, host, and plate crack patch)
&Nbsp;   (14), leather chairs and xipi staff chairs and armchairs (pulleys, pneumatic pumps, handrails,
&Nbsp;   (15), reasonable prices, good service, can undertake long-term maintenance services of enterprises and institutions, signed a long-term service contract
&Nbsp;   specializing in the repair of office furniture, screen partition dismantle the company is committed to marketing costs for the provision of quality human-office space to provide customers with high quality office furniture repairs. Includes desk, Office Chair, maintenance, Office Chair repairs, Panel maintenance of office furniture, solid wood office furniture repair and furniture repair, screen disassembly maintenance services, furniture removal, furniture assembly service

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