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Logistics packaging business

Logistics packaging business

&Nbsp;   a, packed in: our company has a professional Carpenter, skilled and packed specifically customized for clients. Such as precision instruments, electrical equipment, computer accessories, glassware, precious devices should use packed packed into hermetic, semi-hermetic and lattice boxes. To prevent goods in transit because of the damage caused by collision, concussion, to improve the safety of transport, we will according to the actual situation to choose wood thickness, density, length, the packaging firm, r/c for transport shall prevail.
&Nbsp;   b, carton packaging: such as accessories, home appliances, luggage, computers should be added in cartons, we according to the different types of products, different sizes provide the cartons. Additional cushioning material (such as desert and other fillings).
&Nbsp;   ★ available carton specifications are as follows:
&Nbsp;   a, 15 display boxes, 17 inch display boxes, boxes, host server box.
&Nbsp;   b, glove box: there are different specifications for different types of carton.
&Nbsp;   c, refrigerator, color TV, washing machine box.

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