We'll see TRANS-bamboo's secret

&Nbsp;   everyone doing business is a game of luck, but in some cases, luck played a vital role for us. I was buying flowers, however moving company is a customer of mine, because they often buy me flowers.
&Nbsp;   TRANS-bamboo look good, and good feed, the price is not very expensive, so that no matter what company is, are essential for plants. With plants, adding a glimmer of vitality for empty halls!
&Nbsp;   I often deal with moving company accounting, so their income situation! Of course does not mean that we are familiar with have been telling each other's economic accounts, it's "trade secrets"! But I know they are coming, for what? Because every time this month as long as they make good money, would have called me to ask for a transfer of bamboo!
&Nbsp;   We know that transit of bamboo can bring good luck, because it is a more expensive bamboo. I am happy to buy a couple. I often see the workers receive a wallet at some time! We look for a long time, I found this company in order to encourage workers, as long as it is good working attitude, we would buy a transit of bamboo. I hope that our business is getting better, on the one hand encourage workers to serious work. BACK

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