Tenant and landlord who move

&Nbsp;   I heard the rent went up from long ago, news of the landlords to evict tenants. It was because of this, we moved again and again, we think this is very tired, very hard. Our moving experience, and ultimately, to say a few words to the landlord, how do we say this price increase, saying that recently moved.
&Nbsp;   many people moving companies to help share move, are where they live so crowded some chaos, so many things right in that little room. How can a "snail House".
&Nbsp;   is not good but the landlord, the tenant is not good. So in blaming tenants, the landlord, tenants complain that landlords should think about their own problems, so as to be well along. See news reports was the landlord for tenants to retain directors, almost did not increase the rent for five years, only up 200 block is nothing. So, in five years, the tenant never moved, probably for the tenant, the moving company should be a strange business.
&Nbsp;   rent is one thing you have to note, there are a lot of people on the move, in the House, because they think they can change over to the new environment, improve life, is that they wanted a new source. But I think this is not a move they move, wanted to change for that simple. BACK

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