Students pay attention to itself when moving items

&Nbsp;   there are a lot of students have not started, now is the time is the peak of moving. Students in the move must be able to take care of their belongings. If there are any special conditions, that must explain the situation, and if not, that before you move things their bullish now.
&Nbsp;   graduation meant to move, we often hear that in the process of moving her mind not fine people will lose it or anything like that. Diploma must be received well by this time. Because some of the tiny items moving companies are easier to ignore.
&Nbsp;  , a newly-graduated students little music a few days ago looking for moving companies to move. Graduation documents all lost, she anxiously told reporters anxious to say, including degree certificates, four English certificate, graduate certificate, Putonghua level certificate, she lost it all.
&Nbsp;  , on August 2 that night, Song Xiaole official from the school, the students with the help of moved into housing at haidiandao Haida road. Due to the busy moving, and more, without attention to the count of the number of items. After Song Xiaole randomly packed, just moving things to the new address.
&Nbsp;   also is the peak of college graduate looking for work, many students will choose to move at this time, or moving company to help. Here, I would like to remind the students, must take care of their belongings before moving. BACK

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