We are moving in the summer is a convenient

&Nbsp;   We look at summer moved how to save time and effort, and to see how we can not exhausting, to see how we can easily move and said today how to save time and effort savings for moving in the summer, we'll tell you about today.
&Nbsp;   first, ahead of Pack, clear, detailed cargo manifest you want to list. In handling Qian, must to to moved company of people pointed out that which items is need note of, can words in box Shang added striking identifies or tips language; some easy broken of items or precious of items best himself handling, and placed in most top; must to personally supervision large household appliances of moved put; some is sank or volume huge of furniture as cabinet, and piano, should more find several workers handling, and to was in next command; handling Shi to note security.
&Nbsp;   Secondly, to reserve a vehicle with moving companies in advance, arrive on time, on time and began to move. If more want to reserve car, pulled away, can save you time. Addition volume larger of box, and Cabinet in of items to prior out or appointment Shi told moved company, such they will with some corresponding tool as rope, lifting equipment,; some small of piecemeal items best with carton or plastic bagged up, so as not to lost; cash, and jewelry, precious of small items to carry carry; tableware, and tea, easy broken items to separate packaging, and separate handling, and told Porter people so as not to lane broken.
&Nbsp;   I remind friends who moved here in the summer when we move, we have to process Ming kee moved about moving knowledge. This will bring convenience to us. We will also move more quickly. Best when handling items are packaged well, avoid using small box shipments. BACK

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