Companies more interested in your ability not your curriculum vitae

&Nbsp;   today's society, more and more people have the ability, there are many highly educated people. But in some cases, really does not rely on the ability to eat much, instead relying on coolie dinner more. With the progress of society, people are increasingly seeking quality of life, more and more people like to move the industry.
&Nbsp;   company focused on your skills, not your degree, if your skills, or have the skills, you in your job is a monolith.
&Nbsp;   boss we took many moving companies, most are not highly educated people, but they take their business very well. Whether it's productivity or service attitude, has interceded with distinctive and lean style.
&Nbsp;   perhaps for a boss who degree are not too high, making things more stable, without much thought, can only think of things start moving companies, which tend to be one of the success factors.
&Nbsp;   If, in other words, education is everywhere, no matter where it is, what environment is something worth learning. For many bosses of the move, the company focused on your ability, not your degree, as long as you are able, move will be reused. BACK

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