Different positions for each of us in the community

&Nbsp;   I don't care what kind of work you're in, have engaged in the kind of post. As long as we go into the community, we will be responsible for themselves or other people. Our society is like our extended family, we have to melt into the family, whether you had not thought about it that way, but you have to go into the community, you should know that the social sense of your family.
&Nbsp;   I have tried, pay off, down, back, but this makes no difference to the obsession that I work, I thought I would be sitting in the high-rise buildings of white-collar workers, but now, I was carrying the workers of the cement and sand! I think I'm different because I have more ink than they, I thought my things are not somehow, I thought ... Too much I thought to get away from my colleagues, my friends. I was isolated by their walls!
&Nbsp;   every time when I realized that I was so small, I began to eliminate their own casting walls! Strong is soon to open, but the tiles on the floor, the foundations still exist! So, I ran out of ways, a little, good relations with my colleagues from the moving company, make friendship with them!
&Nbsp;   now, I and all colleagues very blend, time trials make me realize I shared with them, and I know that in our society, in our community, we are a member of the family, I believe we can do better, and better! BACK

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