Moving industry revealed to the media some of the moving company's top ten issue

&Nbsp;   the latest news we look at moving industry analysis, the following is about to begin. According to move networks staff, moving companies currently operating range is very good, there are no complaints, no moving company worker appears bad phenomenon. To sum up, the current moving industry Outlook is relatively optimistic, the business is still very good.
&Nbsp;   though the moving company businesses is very good, but certain moving company, there will be some bad phenomenon. One thing happened shortly before that many people remember.
&Nbsp;   shortly before time, Wang with the people want to move on this day, was with moving companies set the price is 150 Yuan, moving company reneged on, just increase the price.
&Nbsp;   Wang said he was a man from upstairs downstairs, the moving company personnel to move a layer to add six Yuan. Mr Wang said: "I have talked to moving companies a price in advance, the moving company to change. This clearly is not charging, blind school fees?
&Nbsp;   I see moving company worker is to make a fast buck, tried a variety of methods. Like this picture I think you are correct, don't have any idea, because it will affect the company's business.
&Nbsp;   shortly before the moving industry was revealed to the media some of the moving company's ten feline, which referred to certain moving company charges. Although these phenomena occur in the that irregular movers, but in our own interest, I will put an end to this phenomenon. BACK

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