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Shanghai Johnson moved service limited is formal of Shanghai Johnson moved company, for you provides Johnson moved, Johnson moved field, Shanghai Johnson moved company, Shanghai Johnson moved field company, Shanghai Johnson moved, Shanghai Johnson moved field, Johnson moved company, Johnson moved field company, Shanghai moved company, Shanghai moved field company, Shanghai moved, Shanghai moved field, moved company, moved field company, find Shanghai moved company, Shanghai moved field company please contact we!

company is a set residents moved, and Enterprise moved field, and logistics, and highway, and railway, and packaging, and car checked, and long-distance moved, and warehouse for one of third party logistics service sex enterprise, has 1-30 tons vehicles has more than 60 more than Taiwan, can scheduling vehicles near more than 200 more than Taiwan, and distribution has over 3000 square meters of standard large warehouse and near 6000 square meters of site free for long-term customer warehouse. To undertake throughout the vehicle, such as less-than-truckload freight transportation freight services. 8-10 punctuality every night, mistake free of charge full freight. Point-to-point service provide door to door, one vote in the end, the insured cargo damage, lost by insurance compensation.

corporate culture: moving logistics, Johnson j Johnson fought, survival and development, creating value for customers, a group. We firmly believe that sincerely provides satisfaction for the customer service will make the company continued development and expansion of the company's mission: to create a favorable environment of freight, promoting the society moving, moving fields, healthy and rapid development of the logistics.

value: competitive advantage for customers, provide opportunities for their employees, won consistent returns for shareholders, good benefits for society.

service concept: close to the customer in good faith, to meet customer, win-win to retain customers, the personality to lead customers, establishing dynamic equilibrium of Johnson logistics and customer development.

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