Decided to teach you how to calculate the price moving companies

&Nbsp;   now so many moving companies, how can I not be moving company charges a liar? When China moved network staff come to teach you how to calculate the price move and move afraid.
&Nbsp;   floor height is a basis for moving companies calculate moving expenses. If the place of residence and destination residence belonging to the first floor of the building or bungalows, is not the cost of floor area. If their place of residence and destination residence at the second floor of the building above (second layer) or the basement, charging time two things: use and if there are elevators for moving inside the building, no floors cost recovery if no elevator, pressing each floor recovery moving costs 10 Yuan.
&Nbsp;   in addition to moving company charges mainly in the light of factors such as:
&Nbsp;   1, move range.
&Nbsp;   the height of floors 2, point of departure or destination, whether there is a lift.
&Nbsp;   3, the large size of furniture or equipment, fragile goods, furniture and other items.
&Nbsp;   4, manual handling distance proximity, though, if the places of departure and destination of the building has an elevator, but Office freight elevator is too far away, or freight elevator entrance too far away from moving vehicles, will lead to rising costs of moving arguments.
&Nbsp;   5, billing method is calculated according to the number of moving companies, so be sure to send your company personnel's supervision and moving company load as possible efficient use of space in the moving van to avoid moving company personnel to make more money and deliberately put the car was very loose.

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