What if I encounter before the moving company to move to raise prices?

&Nbsp;   moving companies abound in the market today! This is confusing! Can not help but sigh which House to choose! This really is a question! The problem is a headache to friends who are moving! Choose the right moving company, moving company what prices! Now we'll see friends who are moving when moving the price increases they are to do it!
&Nbsp;   in life if you kind of look, some moving encounters are not uncommon. Because most people, just contact us by phone before moving, the two sides agreed to move time, fees, and did not know whether the company on track. In addition, some moving companies in the process of moving, for some reason a fare or noisy or stops moving, forced to move people into submission.
&Nbsp;   how to avoid being ripped off in the move, human rights defenders. China moved network staff reminded everyone, first to prevention "black moved company", don't gullible ad, to find reputation good, and procedures complete of formal moved company; don't only by a phone on blind scheduled, as signed written contract, special like precious items, and easy broken items, contract in the to clear things of name, and number and the price, on compensation problem also to detailed agreed, lest after appeared disputes to activist.
&Nbsp;   remind friends who are moving here must pay attention to moving problems, and avoid a move by black is!

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