Moving needs and matters assigned by the moving company moving

&Nbsp;   moving goods, moving goods quantity or size. Valuables or special large furniture, and about the weight and volume. Specialized personnel can find moving companies before moving to the House to check the gauge.
&Nbsp;   demolition and last window-type air conditioners, shelves not including pipeline installation and sealing, and the special structure of the House (such as air conditioning installed in the high walls or special circumstances), that demolition and last increased the risk of air, will be priced separately.
&Nbsp;   in the process of moving there is no elevator, the elevator can accommodate large pieces of furniture. Need to change to the second lift and stairs. Transport distances across counties, then long distance moving is the case. As well as floors of single item cost, is in the case of elevators, too large to use the elevator to carry, and will use the stair removal of the goods.
&Nbsp;   vehicle communication, taking into account the move out of the area and moved into the area of the roadway where size, underground parking entrance height problem, the moving company must first determine the size of the car.
&Nbsp;   Please note that States that the old and new locations of road conditions. If delivery trucks to enter the underground car park, pay attention to the height of the car parks and road width. There are parking spaces such as community, it is best to arrange parking spaces, so as not to cause inconvenience to others.
&Nbsp;   damage claims. Item if damaged claims-what is whether a claim limit should inquiries on talks with the moving company before signing clear. Some valuables can buy insurance, to increase security.

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