Moving to regularly check on the vehicle and the driver maintains

&Nbsp;   as a move to regularly check on the vehicle and the driver maintains, keep abreast of technical condition of vehicles, must not let vehicles drive with illness. (4) enhancing the consciousness of thrift, through improved fuel combustion conditions, and use of engine power into full play; to rational use of economical speed to reduce fuel consumption, save energy; the Director of budget, preventing running, running, drip, leak, fuel, tools, spare parts and other materials. To save material, you must first have a certain knowledge and skills. Moving drivers to fuel economy, we must first understand and master the basics of saving, increasing vehicle operating skills. Similarly, section to section tyres, parts, would also like to know the rules of tires, accessories and wear, should be good moving driving techniques to reduce vehicle wear and tear. Rational use of fuel is an important way to save fuel. Drive to move into using fuel, to do that, not without, can use less, province of the province. To comply strictly with the wash without gasoline, not gasoline are distributed, not driving the Office for personal affairs, involuntary winding, line drive, used for moving gasoline production and adhere to the principle of using less, province, fighting for proper operation, Midway drive, slide security measures to minimize the consumption of gasoline.
&Nbsp;   4. compliance, discipline, solidarity and cooperation (1) reinforce their legal concept and learning, knowing, and ignorant of the law is a prerequisite. Moving some drivers do not know, but ignorance of the law, even the regulation of moving companies and moving discipline also knew little, lack of knowledge of the severity of the disciplinary regulations, until after the toll and regret less. To continuously enhance the awareness and gradually turn the law into a conscious action, form moral habits. Consciously refers to in practice is aware, has plans, big goals.

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