Safety awareness should be brought in to move the industry

&Nbsp;   very depressed today, who lives in the building elevator broke down, and 3 are closed up and down when I'm tired. However, this is not a big problem, just go upstairs when see families on the move. A hot day, no elevator can be seen moving workers hard. The moving company's service attitude is good, much better than heard those bad situations.
&Nbsp;   first of all, in the case of don't know the elevator is broken, also insisted that the customers take the stairs up, indeed, worthy of praise. And we heard the parties said that moving companies often have moved on to different about what you don't like.
&Nbsp;   man was always free from care, as they are difficult to move when a worker accidentally slipped and fell on the stairs, furniture nothing to hurt his knees knock, rested after found bleeding.
&Nbsp;   This site suggests that in the process of moving, be careful. The case where no elevator, moving things upstairs must be calm, to be patient, step by step, haste is not desirable.
&Nbsp;   must help each other in the handling process, two big-ticket items with the best handling or more persons together to complete the removal. Safety is the most important, the movers are physical, but their security issues need attention.
&Nbsp;   Tip: the site call for major moving companies on their Web sites to increase security in moving knowledge as knowledge moving new content, the introduction of safety, it is very important to move.

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