Life tips for a college student to people movers

&Nbsp;   in my moving company, has six months to come to a young man. The young man looks smart, but people are very lazy, like a second chance, to tell you the truth we are not like him. But as recently as a month ago, he suddenly like one person, be diligent, and became at ease.
&Nbsp;   We will become like him. They chatted, he said his situation. He was a college student, is not a good school, but how is a second, if well until graduation, a diploma, future work will find much. But he fights at school, got a dude, so that people find ways to get him out of school, so he went to society.
&Nbsp;   never had any pain, nothing can be done, finally asked a friend to find a moving job, begin to feel this is not a man to do when just blend from day to day. But a month ago, his parents found him and let him go home, parents didn't say anything, just tell him to go home, said this was not what he can do.
&Nbsp;   he advised parents go cry, thinking about their life. He said parents were rural, College is not easy for him, but he did not cherish, and ultimately into a moving company movers. But parents didn't scold him, but love him. To his deep remorse for a long time. He says if you give me a chance, I will study hard! He paused, drank wine, and goes on to say, but dead is dead. We also have life. Shadow of my biggest wish now is born, new efforts to create life on Earth again!
&Nbsp;   We think this boy to be a man! Idealistic, ambitious, we believe in him, will certainly be able to get out of the shadow of life!

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