Packaging is not caused by damaged goods

&Nbsp;   packaging quality is not up to standard and hard to find cargo damage caused from the outside. (8) other verified loss from non-carrier liability. Such verification shall be carried out by certified moving company statutory arbitration, if necessary, shall be audited by the judicial authorities. Wrapped with the goods carrier due to malfunctioning or wrong consignee shall be responsible for free to correct it, transported to established sites to specified consignee. As a result of wrong operation, fault causing damage, the carrier should be liable. The carrier responsible for the moving period, due to delay moving the term carrier liability, present Chinese goods moving and yard regulations only liability for resulting damage. However move delay also tend to cause other losses to the shipper. For example, missed sales opportunities and when to use them (such as the timing of agricultural seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and other) or downtime caused economic losses stemming from industrial production, the carrier is not responsible, but will affect the corporate reputation, sought compensation from the carrier or the shipper, disputes, is likely to be determined by the Court.
&Nbsp;   er, cargo moving business handling 1. move agreement, moving companies for breach of the contract (including the AWB matters agreed on) once signed, both sides must strictly observe the fulfillment of the agreement. And supporting Parties breach occurs, should pay damages to the other party. Under the current rule, payment of liquidated damages cannot be expensed in cost should be paid in retained profit, which makes default becoming a net loss. In order to avoid such losses, agreed the two sides must seriously implement the agreement terms. 2. freight transport accident handling. Cargo accident refers to the carrier's period of responsibility of the loss, shortage, deterioration, pollution, corruption, delay. Cargo after the accident, you should do the following: (1), asked the two sides should actively take the initiative to take remedial measures.

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